It’s Not Procrastination

Sure it’s true I haven’t touched my machine in a week.  But I’m not a procrastinator, I’m a worrier.  I’ll own up to the worry and I’ll also admit that a deadline makes me get things done as well as worry me more.  That is where the worry comes from, a deadline, as in our local quilt show.

Now that I’ve faced the root of my worry, it’s time for me to deal with the problem and do something about it.
P1400573I would like to have this quilt done by the show, but I will admit that I’m not a failure if I don’t make the deadline.  I’m not going to go crazy to finish this or any other quilt.  This is just the deal I make with myself and how I motivate myself.  Today I used the motivational technique of  “I’ll just quilt one row of lines”.  An hour later I had finished 3 rows.  It wasn’t hard at all!  I than discovered that I had quilted a quarter of the middle, even better motivation!  Now I know that I can do the other 3 rows and have half done.  Maybe I’ll even get more done this evening, if I feel like it, no pushing myself too far.

It’s a bit slow going.  Lint roll, mark my lines, quilt, repeat every 10 minutes.  Slow and steady wins the race.

I use to use the rule “one bobbin” before I could take a break.  Not so this time!  I’m using Aurifil 50 weight and boy-o-boy is it going a looooong way!  My shoulders can’t last through 1 full bobbin.

After quilting my last 2 (?) quilts with straight lines, I said I wasn’t going to do the same thing again.  But after removing the curvy-circle pattern I had started on this quilt, I wasn’t happy with anything I came up with BUT straight lines.  This is 1 inch lines that will be cross hatched.  Not quite the same as straight lines 2 inches apart.  At least that’s what I’m telling myself, along with, cross hatching is not a cop out.
P1400575Thread trimming is going to be a blast!  More motivational talk.
P1400576Just a shot of the back with bonus cat hairs to make this quilt fluffier.

Now that I’ve had a break, it’s time to put on my gloves and… sew a straight line.

Take care my friends!  Brandie


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