Chocolate and Pears

Even though I’ve been absent for days, I have been quilting just not enough to show you.  Not that I need an excuse but it was dang hot last week!  If I didn’t get to my machine before 9 am it was just too hot to be close to anything, particularly fabric and batting.

Sunday the weather started to cool down and I took the hubby out of the house to do some shopping.  He refused to be dropped off by the door or to use a motor chair, he wanted to do it all on his own.  He made it but not for too long, it’s still an improvement and we are both happy with it.  Walking slowly apposed to not at all is a GOOD thing.
P1400595Monday was cooler still, enough that we had to close the windows!  I’m going to relish this cool air and not complain.

After a few chores I sat down in my cool room and layered my dotted pears.  A quick pleasure in this fall like weather!

Tired of all my grid quilting I attached my free motion foot and quickly quilted some fresh water pearls, chocolate dots or are they blueberries?
P1400597A simple and fun mini.  This one I decided to leave off the extra borders making it a small 22 x 14.

I wanted to add a bit of something and remembered that I had seen ric-rac used in bindings. I was up to trying something new and to add a bit of whimsy to these dotted pears.  Also I wanted to try it out because I was thinking about it for my quilt show quilt.
P1400599I like the look of just a bit of color at the edge, this is a keeper idea for me.

I don’t usually go for the bright colors but I really love these pears!  I’m sure it’s the dots that make it for me.  I’m looking for it’s perfect home to display it.  I even bought it a cute accessory from Target.  Every pair needs a pear.

I’m working on my Hollow Cubes and the red pears, hoping to have them finished soon to show you.  And of course I’m working on the dresden quilt, this one just takes so much time!  I had to play hooky because I’m getting bored with black thread.  I know I’m close, I just keep avoiding working on it.  Shame on me!  I’m going to talk myself into finishing parts of it now that I’ve had some fun.

I hope you are having a wonderful week!

Take care, Brandie


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