A Pearing

This last week hasn’t been the best. Hubby fell out of a truck (no it wasn’t moving) and badly sprained his knee and shoulder. He left the emergency room with a leg immobilizer and crutches. Let me be the first to tell you that crutches don’t work with a sprained shoulder! I’m doing my best to be his arms and legs while he heals, which isn’t exactly my forte’.
Thank goodness Thursday was a mini-sew-day! I left Hubby with a coffee table full of drinks, a bagged lunch, pillows and a pain pill. I had a glorious day, he slept must of the time. I call that a win win for the both of us.

I picked up my pattern before hand and I promised not to sew it up. But I did cut out two colorways! I couldn’t decide which would be best.
P1400553Red will always be my first choice but I always like to see the new fabrics that everyone else uses.

I also took the liberty of embellishing one pear and making it my way.  Not that I followed the instructions to the “T”.  This was one confusing pattern!  There were so many small pieces that it was impossible to keep track of which piece went where.  Some pieces were only an 1/8 of an inch in difference!

There were some honest mistakes here, some others were intentional, like the leaves facing different directions.
P1400556I had some leftover flying geese so I used them in what is suppose to be a checker board border.  Adding a few additional green geese and I was happy with this bigger mini, 25 x 34.

I ‘m trying not to be such a creature of habit and try new things, really I am.  So I figured now would be the time to pull out some of my Kaffe Fasset fabrics.  Here there are with some Michael Miller dots.  I think they are a good match.
P1400552Who doesn’t love dots?  When I look at dots I feel happy.  So happy that I my face actually spontaneously pulls my lips up and makes my eyes crinkle.  Too bad dots don’t to the same for hubby and his injuries, but at least he’s able to move around more today!  I just need to remember to keep his path clear so he doesn’t fall and injure something else!
P1400554I really happy with both these minis and looking forward to quilting them up, after I put in a few hours of my “MUST” do quilt.  As time permits of course, Hubby’s chores plus mine are giving me a bit of cabin fever, All work and no play,  well you know the rest.

Have a safe and wonderful week!

Take care my friends, Brandie


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