New Reds

No I didn’t buy any red fabrics. I used some stash fabris to start my new project, tulips. I’ve utilized  most of my scraps and had to supplement stash fabrics.
Again I’ve used a dot fabric as my background. You can never have too many dots!
  Side two of my strawberries has been completed. After remeasuring I found it only needed one row of geese. I like that it’s not balanced because the other side isn’t either.
 Looking for handwork I found my houses ready for binding. It’s now a finish!
I’m sew looking forward to making more mini quilts. Plans for the pears are running through my mind but I think I’ve narrowed it down and best of all, most is in my stash. Not that these minis take much fabric, unfortunately.
  The tulips are almost all together. Need to recount and make sure I have all I need. Than I can start on the stems, making them actually look like flowers.

Have a Wonderful day, Brandie


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