Side One

The strawberries are finished! I finally finished all 25 of them!   Not only are the strawberries done, that red scrap box is more or less empty too. That’s a real cause for celebration!    It’s a good thing I like dot fabric. During the final faze of construction I ran out of that white dot that I’d been using. Thank goodness I had a small amount of another in the stash. They are both white and have dots but the old fabric has several dots of all sizes and the new dot has uniform dots in one size. Now I have two less fabrics taking up space, Yippy Skippy!

One problem, a row is out of sync but I DON’T care! I’m done with this quilt!   Side two has also begun. The neutral box came out and I used up prexisting 2 1/2 inch squares, made more and made more space in that box.

I actual had to dive into the red stash to give my geese more variety.    Not only did my first round of geese fit perfectly, that red strip fabric was used up exactly. Though I will really miss it. It has been a great fabric! While looking through the neutral box, I came across 4 strips. I had set them aside thinking I might cut them down for 2 1/2 inch squares. Than I thought that might be a waste and measured them. Guess what? They are the perfect size! Serendipity! Today (a long as I get the time!) I’m working on more geese. This panel is now the correct length but not the correct width.

Fingers crossed that it grows more today than I can cross this off my list and add it to the “waiting for batting pile”.

Have a Wonderful day my friends, Brandie


2 thoughts on “Side One

  1. You are Amazing! How big is this quilt? Looks like its a reversible one to me!! Who will be the lucky recipient of this one?


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