Strawberry Fields Finished

Yesterday morning I received a call from my LQS, my batting had arrived. I braved the blistering heat to go retrieve this most needed item.
My roll of batting and I arrived home after a quick purchase of more dots (more about these beauties later).
Quick as a flash I had all the packaging removed and the batting between my two quilts.
 Super quickly quilted straighted lines. Say that three times fast!
I consider myself a traditional quilter but I really appreciate the modern approach to quilting. Straight lines are sew fast and anyone can do them. There is no need to fear.
Straight lines are also perfect for this two sided quilt because it doesn’t showcase one side over the other.
Straight lines and I will be seeing more of each other!

 Less than two hours after my arrival home, this quilt is
all wrapped up and ready for gifting.
My daughter says she likes it and I told her it would be perfect for a granddaughter, hint hint!
 I’ll put it in a safe place and cross my fingers that someday I’ll have a grand baby who likes strawberries.
It’s been a fun adventure with my red scraps and I’m thrilled to have such a quick finish.

Strawberry Fields 42 x 54

Take care my friends! Brandie


2 thoughts on “Strawberry Fields Finished

  1. Very nice, love the reversible quilt idea. Its been fun watching you work on your strawberry quilt. Whats next?


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