Orange you Glad

I am most certainly glad to be finished with my orange row!
There hasn’t  been much time to sit and sew lately but I could feel the pull of my machine everyday.
Finally after spending four useless hours at a Dr appointment, I knew if I didn’t sit and sew I was going to blow!
All that negative energy was thrown into making 24 orange blocks for the next row of colors.
 I honestly thought orange was my smallest collection of scraps. But why does it look like I still have the same size pile!? I really must compress them in their containers!
 My new scrap book arrived and I really love it! There are several quilt ideas that speak to me. Of course with the added plus of using up scraps!
I’m beinging to think I have just as much scraps as I do stash yardage. Do you consider your scraps into your stash? I think we should. By making backgrounds with scraps, we add another visual element.
 Look what was in the book! The author Lynn made the same quilt I’m making with Gwen Marston. I just knew I needed this book, we are obviously on the same wave length or working from the same scrap box. Or maybe her Grandmother’s voice tells her to be frugal too.
 This is a gorgous quilt and I’m seriously considering making my own version. The only thing that scares me is that those stars are all of 2 inches! But there is no denying it’s simple beauty.
 There is a sense of accomplishment with using up unwanted fabric. I get that same feeling with every sink full of dishes or every load of laundry, except the folding part.
A sense of pride that all the unmatching fabric scraps turn into something almost beautiful. I think it would make my Grandma proud too and that makes me very happy!

Take care my friends! Brandie


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