Happy Leon Day!

What? You dont know what Leon Day is?
I’m sorry to be the one to tell you, but as of today you only have 6 months till Christmas. Better start preparing!
  Have a great day thinking of all the crafts you’d like to have done by Christmas.
Here is sunny Northern California it’s too hot to think about Christmas, though I do wish for snow. If you can make it, send it here, we need it!
Every year we hear how we need to conserve power. Every year I use my AC less and melt because I’m trying to help.
This year we also have been given a water restriction. We are only allowed to water every other day according to our address. There will be fines for over use. Good thing my lawn never took but do I have to sacrifice my ferns and hydrangeas?
Living in California isn’t all movies stars and money.

Anyhow, enough with my rant. Lets talk quilts.
  I had time to sew all the orange units together. It’s starting to look like I did it on purpose.
Though there may be a problem, it’s going to be too big after I add the yellows.
So I got to thinking that the next colors should be made to go on the back! I really like that idea, then I won’t have to find a backing.
  A mellow yellow stack.
I finished all but  8 last night. The best part? I actually see a dent in my yellow scraps! I actually had to cut into a few bigger pieces to finish up! That’s a good feeling. Grandma would be proud!
Waste not, want not, good words to live by whether it be fabric or water.

Take care my friends, Brandie


2 thoughts on “Happy Leon Day!

  1. So fun to see your scrappy colorful quilt grow. Love the idea of having the back similar but different colors. How will you ever quilt it? carol


  2. Im loving seeing the progress of your quilt . It reminds me of a big happy rainbow.

    Down Under we have water restrictions often. We had them for about 5 years until last Summer, which meant you could only water three days a week, at certain times and only for a couple of hours each time. You have never seen so many brown lawns in all your life !


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