Red Row

I’ve finished my row of reds but I can’t see much difference in the box of scraps, sigh.  I had lots of help keeping the fabrics from blowing away. Not that he was much help with anything else! He use to be such a little kitty. He’s now an 16 pound 3 year old.  Who really doesn’t fit!
  The ariel view cracks me up! The box is bowing from his girth. Hubby says he does this as a way to spend time with me. I wish he was a bit friendlier and could have shared a few more scraps from his “bed”.
  After sewing the blocks together and removing all the phone book paper, which was a day job!
  Last night our small group got together.  Our top is complete except for borders which we figured out last. Good thing we meet in a quilt store! We never have an excuse to have anything to work on, even if our machine light goes out, we are in the perfect place. Thank You Cathy’s and Honey Run!
  Gail started and finished a baby quilt. Her paying job keeps her too busy.  I’m thinking this is her first finish in almost two years. The poor lady, she just needs to retire and win the lottery.
Don’t we all!
  Just a bit of sweetness to end my post. My two little guys are good friends and playmates.
  Again with the ariel view. Two tiny guys in a tiny bed.
  Have a wonderful day!

Take care my friends, Brandie


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