Random Musings

This summer Hubby’s family has been cleaning up the grandparent’s property. It has been a long difficult job with many emotions involved. During the course of cleaning up everyone has found a few treasures. This is a quick story about one of my treasures and how it inspired a quilt.
P1400566This dirty little chest came home with me after we had put it in the “free” pile outside the gate.  I didn’t need/want any furniture but when I saw these drawer pulls I was attracted.  I convinced myself that because it wasn’t big that I’d find a use for it.

Since it was already painted I thought it wouldn’t be any loss to repaint it.  Off I went to buy some red Annie Sloan Chalk paint.  I love that stuff!  I was going to go bold, paint it red and use it as a TV stand.  Truthfully, I’m hoping to bribe a few of my son’s strong friends to move a 500 lb broken TV.  My new lighter (I can pick it up) TV is sitting in front of the massive broken unit.  After they remove it I’ll gain 3 whole feet in my living room.  It’s a plus all around, extra storage and space, I just need to find those strong boys!
P1400592The after is quite a change, no?  This was Hubby’s idea, you know the one that comes after you thought you were done with a project and you put all your tools and brushes away.  But I’ll keep him because I thought this was an excellent idea!

(Warning: the pictures are not in order and look away if your allergic to cats)
P1400652Then came the quilt idea.
My son’s friend is going to be having a baby, so a quilt was/is in order.
His friend was born in England and later moved to Shetland. Now the friend lives here and as life progresses, he fell in love and they are now expecting a baby boy.
I like to personalize my quilts when I give them away, I’m sure I’m the only one of us who does that, right?
P1400655I just knew I had to do a Union Jack quilt block. What I wasn’t sure about was the rest of the quilt.

My DD asked if I was going to give them the dresser.  Haha, no!  I’m not that generous!
P1400656Then I remembered Lori Holt’s new book Farm Girl Vintage. I’ve been hankering to make a lamb since I bought the book. Why not now!
P1400657I grabbed a few blue scraps (really only the few I had left) and cut up a flock of lambs with a piggy friend and the flags (not to scale and only a representation) to commemorate this babies heritage.

Tomorrow is the shower and I’m hoping that the parents will love it as much as I loved making it.

This last week was our monthly mini meeting.  These blocks also came from the same book.  I chose to make the 6 1/2 inch blocks.  Than I thought these would make a great pillow to send to my daughter.  Every month I can send a new cover and she can decorate for each season.

Can you spot the fox?
P1400622I’m still working on my quilt show quilt. It’s really boring and I’m not even sure if I like the quilt anymore! I will be so glad to see it finished!
P1400627With all the furry kids in this house it’s not unusual to find someone in an out of way spot.  Or someone stuffed into as small a space possible.
P1400631Or to just be right in your face demanding attention. Can’t help but love them all and pick them up to squeeze the lovings into them. I’m sure it makes them love me more.
P1400643Well congrats for reaching the end of my rambling.

I hope you have a wonderful and creative weekend!

Take care my friends, Brandie


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