Days of Gold

What have I really been doing? Well as we discussed I’m working on a pattern. I have finished it but now the hard part and that’s the part where I put myself out there and see if someone wants to buy it. Yup, just that silly part.

It’s also that time of year when the local girls all want to be in our traditional festival that celebrates our town discovering a 50 pound gold nugget back in the 1850’s. What do we call this celebration? Why Gold Nugget Days of course.

This year I was contacted by five girls and was almost arm twisted into another dress by another quilter friend. Yes I said 5 girls! One girl and her mother were so excited by the idea that they were willing to buy fabric before hand and return it if she didn’t get into the contest.

What I learned this year is that only 15 girls can participate and that if more than 15 sign up that they than have to do a lottery to pick the 15 from the group.

So this Mother went online on Black friday to buy 10 yards of fabric and we waited and crossed our fingers that her daughter’s number was picked and that she’d be in the contest. Now that’s some town spirit!

But back to that 5. I would have to be crazy to make that many dresses. Yes!

But what about 3?

Yup, that makes me crazy too! Specially when it’s working with teenage girls. My Daughter laughed when I said they are difficult to pin down like the equivalent of stapling Jello to a wall.  I have to agree with W.C. Fields when he said, “never work with animals or children”.

Anyhow I’m sure you are all curious about the the fabrics so let’s look at them.

This is dress number 1.  She chose a lovely alabaster taffeta embroidered with dots. This will be accented by an olive green taffeta and a 7 inch needle lace.
P1400977Dress number 2. This is the fabric that was bought before hand just to insure a great price. This dress will be my first bustle dress. I like a challenge and I’m looking forward to working on this one.
P1400982Dress number 3. Girl number 2’s best friend. They also bought their fabric online because she wanted this specific fabric. It took awhile to find it but we did finally. This dress is still in the thought process which is fine as I can only work on one dress at a time without confusing myself.P1400980I have my work cut out for me in the next few months! But as I said, I like to be challenged and I love to see these dresses take shape. It makes me look like a genius to create something that these girls see in their mind.

There will be more to report so stay tuned!

Take care my friends, Brandie


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