Long Winded

Last week I got the whole tourist treatment at my Daughter’s house. I never lifted a finger (though I did ask), my laundry was even done but not by me, I was wined and dined (in my case water) and chauffeured around to wherever I so desired.  I think you call that a vacation?

I saw and shopped in several fabric stores. Went to a huge Outlet Mall which is within walking distance of my Daughter’s house, but not recommended because of traffic and mostly because who wants to carry a million bags up the top of a hill!?

DD and her sweet boyfriend (the SWEETEST!) entertained me and gave me a great visit. I think I’ll go back!

There was an agenda made and adhered to. Without it I would have been lost. DD scouted out fabric stores for me before I got there. That is one sweet girl! In fact she even let me buy her some fabric because… she wants to sew! I did foresee this and give her a basic sewing machine for Christmas (so she could mend once in a blue moon). Boy was I surprised that she wants to make things like letter shaped pillows and kid things. So I started her off with a few instructions and a few quarters to make pillow cases. If she really likes it I’ll get her a better machine.

During this visit I also met some of Sweet Boyfriend’s family. I can I say I was terrified! We all want to make a good impression and we don’t want to scare people away right? Well that was my fear but I shouldn’t have been worried because the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and I met two of the sweetest ladies! I’m so happy that they are in my Daughter’s life and I hope to get to know they better. They made me feel so special and happy to meet them. I hope I can learn that trick of welcoming people and easing their silly worries.

Then the day arrived to visit the “#2 place to travel to Europe without leaving the USA” (according to Huffington Post).  DD wanted me to take a picture under a store front sign with my birth name on it. I was born a Rasmussen and according to Wikipedia it’s a Danish name. Looks like I need to brush up on my heritage. It also explains my lack of color within my own family.

A fun filled visit to the coast also meant a visit to see Solvang.
Such a cute town! I helped keep it busy lots of retail therapy.
Unfortunately I couldn’t indulge on these yummies but I was told they were delicious.
So inviting!
Aebleskiver, a MUST if you visit. I did have one bite and it was worth it!

Even a Hotel gets a Danish face lift in this town.


Wish I knew what these said!
Made with a few fabric purchases. I was inspired by a quilt I saw in Betty’s Fabric store. Unfortunately they are not online, what a waste!
The perfect flower eye, IMHO

And that’s my long winded post. I hoped you enjoyed it! I’ll be back soon with what’s really keeping me busy.

Take care my friends, Brandie


2 thoughts on “Long Winded

  1. Now I would call that a vacation! I love Solvang altho it’s been years since I’ve been there. It was a must do stop between SoCal and the Bay. Sounds like you got the royal treatment!


  2. Hey Brandie! I finally got back on to my blog and found you again! This is late but what fun you had. I love Solvang. I have been going there since I was a teenager and I have to admit I usually have the whole abelsheiver and also a tub of cookies and a kitchen gadget and some new shoes. It is a town worth visiting!


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