A Brave New Year

My word of the year is always in the back of my mind. No longer will I ignore it. So Today I’m giving you a glimpse of my finished pattern. Next step is to find a proof reader and perhaps a pattern tester. Anyone out there interested?

But first let us admire some of Mother Nature’s gorgeous winter color.

That branch fell from above, scared the dog and shook the earth. Right now I’m debating on whether to keep it intact or let Hubby cut it up and burn it.  Those greens are just so lovely!

So back to the tease. What do you think?

Are you like me and save old linen hankies but don’t know what to do with them? I think I just discovered a whimsical way to prolong their beauty. This is a great place to use them specially if they are partial damaged or stained.

What about those bits and pieces of old lace and tatting?

This wasn’t on my list day of things to do today but I grabbed a few minutes. Now I need to finish packing because I’m going to the coast!

DD invited me down to see her new house and to go shopping of course! Last night I was in a bit of a panic because I couldn’t fit my clothes in my suitcase.  If my clothes don’t fit, how was I to bring anything home?  I thought about just packing my undies and washing the same clothes every night, but I’m a girl who likes clothes and I need to accessorize. Than Hubby (who’s smarter than I) suggested a large suitcase instead of a carry on.  Yay! Know I can pack 4 pairs of shoes and buy fabric, Lush bombs, Danish do-dads and anything else I think I might need.

Let me know if I’ve quipped your interest. I’d love to hear what you think.

Take care my Friends!

I’ll be back soon with warm beach pictures!



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