Aren’t we all glad to be done with one Holiday, or is that just me?

I honestly don’t want to see another turkey for a year!  And I’m not ready for Christmas music yet!

But I do love spending time with family and friends, there is a bright spot in the frenzy of the Holidays and it’s not the food!

At our house Thanksgiving produces so many leftovers but these leftovers weren’t leftovers from a turkey, these were actually leftovers from a quilt that I know I’d never finish.  All I ever finished were these blocks. Lucky me that they ended up matching so well to become a small wall hanging.  This will be a perfect gift for a non-quilty friend who doesn’t how these are leftovers and won’t see my mistakes. Win-win!
P1400852While my DD was here enjoying the turkey Holiday, she mentions that she needed a new pillowcase, a Christmas one to be exact.
Before I started her Christmas pillowcase I had to finish up a class project which I then turned into a pillowcase.
This class was sew fun! Admittedly it was confusing but I stayed the course because I’ve always wanted to make a cathedral window quilt.
Now I just hope I can duplicate it for my own project!
P1400848A Christmas pillow was made, another place to use up leftover scraps and some leftover rhinestones.
This was a fun one too. I’ve forgotten how much fun a log cabin can be to make. I’m thinking there will be more of these in the future.
P1400843While I was pulling out all these leftovers, I found another start that stalled. I wasn’t happy with my previous color but hadn’t sewn in the replacement color. I’m still not thrilled with all this pink but maybe I’ll learn to love it.
P1400854If I had enough fabric I would switch out the darker pink for the light pink in the 9 patches but I just don’t have enough to make that work.
This is always the problem when you use stash fabrics, you just have to make it work and learn to love the results.
P1400855This isn’t the most user friendly pattern but I’m learning to make friends with the “Y” seam. Maybe by the time I finish my last seam I’ll be an expert, or smart enough to know better to avoid them next time!

Any suggestions on making “Y” seams?

Take care my Friends, Brandie


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