Seaside Village

My Seaside village quilt was finished in time to snuggle under and keep warm.
P1400820There is nothing like a quick finish to make you feel good. Not to mention keeping you warm on a cool California fall evening.
Even more special is the backing I used. This was given to me (6 yards) by my SIL several years ago. It has been just sitting on my shelf taking up space. I gave it a home and now it has a special memory for me as well.
Speaking of my SIL, my in-laws brought her to our local quilt show. She still lives in a nursing home but there are many improvements in her health.
She may not be able to walk yet but every day is better than the last.
I had to laugh at my MIL pushing my SIL in her wheel chair and my SIL reading the tags to my MIL. These two are a perfect pair! One can’t see very well and one can’t walk BUT last year she wasn’t even talking! Talk about a huge step! It was a touching a sweet moment to see these two woman work together, that’s why I love them so!
P1400821This box of solids is still full, maybe the lid closes easier but other than that I can’t see a change.
P1400796Today I’ve cut up 5″ squares to go with the two Kaffe charm packs I bought at the quilt show.
As I flutter from one chore to the next, I stop and sew together a few blocks. My Physical Therapist doesn’t like me sitting too much. I set my timer to 15 minutes, sew till it rings and flutter off to my next chore. Yesterday it was grouting the bathroom floor. Today I’m putting the room back to rights, without the heavy lifting! That what son’s are for, right?
Hopefully I’ll be back soon with another finish!

Take care my friends, Brandie


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