Hip to be Cubed

Yay, I have another almost finished quilt top! Yesterday I said I was going to get this UFO out and start working on it. I discovered that it was mostly cut out so I thought it would take me a couple of days but I’m more than thrilled with my progress.
P1400407November 2014 Sandy Klop from American Jane came to our guild. Her class offered 5 different patterns but this is the pattern I picked.
Of course I couldn’t do the pattern the “right” way. I saw a few tumbling blocks and I thought I’d just make units that looked like blocks. Sounds easy right?

If it wasn’t for her templates, it would have been impossible.  This is a strong recommendation from me for any of Sandy’s patterns and definitely get the coordinating templates, they are a time saver.

I had a plan to do 50 cubes.  There were 39 cubes already cut, 14 cubes sewn.  I finished up the rest and started my lay out.  Because my design wall is actually the floor, I had much unneeded/unwanted help.  After rearranging these blocks 5 plus times, I decided to just sew them together as soon as the units were finished.  I’m surprised it turn out as well as it did!


I finished sewing all the rows together about 10 pm last night.  This picture is before I ironed it but I was so happy with the out come I just had to take a picture in the first morning light.  I’m really happy with this and glad I finished it.  Right now this finishes at ruffly 39 x 50.  I have to add a row of half blocks to the top because I plan to just square up everything you see here and than add a border or two.


It was actually Sandy Klop that came up with the idea of adding that darker fabric to enhance the cubed floor.  We picked out a couple of fabrics together to coordinate with what I had brought.


I almost gave up making this quilt, the only thing holding me back was the unacceptable thought of putting the fabric back into my empty-ish scrap boxes.  That motivated me to finish what I had started and not give up and now I have an awesome optical illusion quilt.  We need to challenge ourselves at times, it makes us feel invincible!

Take care my friends, Brandie


2 thoughts on “Hip to be Cubed

  1. Way cute!!!!!!!!! I love the pattern ‘tumbling blocks’ but this goes up another level with the cubes. Great job. Now you can start quilting your QS piece!


  2. Glad to see you are working on this one again and another finish! Love the cubes and it was great to see the reversible rainbow quilts in RL for show and tell at guild too. Great job with the cube layout and values using scraps. Invincible, oh yes!


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