Tippy Tulips

After a stressful week I finally got to sit down at my sewing machine and try to work through my stress. It helped a bit but I’m back in the thick of it again, it was a short lived fix.  But enough about that, lets talk tulips.
It’s a finish!
I made all my units and arranged them in a pleasing order.  After sewing a row together  I discover that this was going to be a HUGE quilt. Not something I’d want to quilt on my own, so I rearranged the blocks and came up with yet another reversible quilt.
P1400394I actually like the back of the quilt better than the front. I guess I’m not ready for all that color.
P1400396The only problem is that I can not get the backs straight with the front. I had hoped that the third time would be perfect.  Hence the Tippy Tulips title.  I still like it, that one chopped tulip doesn’t make me love it any less.
P1400400While making the backing I ran out of my background fabric. But that small mistake became a great idea for a tulip label. “I meant to do that!”
P1400401I showed my unfinished tops at my guild meeting and our quilt show layout boss asked me to please put one of my reversible quilts in the show. She has a place for one and would really like to use it. I wasn’t even considering these quilt show ready but I told her I’d get the tulips done for her. It finishes at 59 x 64, that’s big enough for me!
More straight line quilting, this time in a grid. Easy-peasy, simple.
Now that I’m done with this I wanted to start a new project but I will wait. Instead I’m going to finish up a UFO.  I got the box out this morning and it looks like it’s all cut out so that should be a huge time saver.
I also came to the realization of why I’m avoiding my intended quilt show quilt. All I have to do is quilt it and it won’t be simply lines. I’m OK with that, I’m not scared, but I just realized is that I’m avoiding it because I don’t like the quilting I started. Now that I’ve figured that out it’s time to get out my handy seam ripper and remove my avoidance. It’s a very liberating feeling. I don’t regret that it’s taking me so long to come to this conclusion, because than I wouldn’t have these fun scrap quilts and empty-ish scrap boxes.
So I’m hoping to soon get back to working on that quilt. It needs to be finished by the end of October, I think I can do it! This is when I had two machines set up, one for piecing and one for quilting. I know I’m dreaming but I’m still thinking on it. Maybe a card table in front of the TV for evening piecing?

Take care my friends! I hope you find a way to push the stress of the day away. Till next time, Brandie


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