Rainbow Finish

I’m thrilled to have another finish and another quilt stacked and ready to gift!
I especially love that this is entirely made from scraps. You would think with a quilt this big (53 x 70) those scrap boxes would be emptier but alas not all are. 
  There is a sense of accomplishment using up something that was just leftover bits. I felt too bad about throwing away bigger pieces but nothing was planned on what to do with them. This summer those scraps were screaming too loud for me to ignore them and demanded I take care of them. The best part, I’ve had a lot of fun and I’m not going to stop at these quilts.
 Again it is just straight line quilting with the angle of the black strip. This quilt took a bit longer than the last, seeing as how it’s bigger.

There was also time to work on my tulip stems.
  These stems are time consuming! There are 13 pieces to the entire block but it’s not easy going. Every fourth block I’m unsticthing because I can’t keep straight what part goes where. Don’t worry, I’m not giving up! As we can see from the picture, these are going to look wonderful when they are completed. Now I just need to decide how I cam make this a two-sided quilt?

Take care my friends and have a productive weekend!


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