Something New

While I wait for my batting to arrive, I needed something to do. You know the whole sew for an a hour a day? Its a good practice but it’s not always an easy thing to do. But we all need a challenge and I NEED to clean up scrap boxes. Than I remembered that I had two patterns waiting to be used.
After sorting, garthering, ironing and rewriting the pattern, I finally made two blocks.
  Aren’t they cute! The origanl pattern called for solid pieces of fabric for both the berry and the leaves. But I NEED to use up scraps, so with a couple prototypes, this is what I came up with. I’m happy with them. Now I just need to make a bunch more to clean out that box.
With this scrap quilt I decided to use a varity of color. Dark reds, light reds, orange reds and even some pinks, because we all know a natural strawberry isn’t just a solid red.

For the past week everytime Hubby or I open the front door, we noticed a lot of bird noises, plus a lot of bird activty.
We didn’t pay too much attention till we had the front door open and we kept hearing lots of chirping, I mean a lot! Not a constant chirping but a lot of it.
Well we discovered that someone moved into a decorative house hanging willy-nilly. Sure I put it up but this wasn’t its final resting spot, I just got side tracked before finding that perfect spot. 
 This was a gift from my MIL. It has a gorgeous tin roof that I was trying to keep out of the rain. I never thought anyone would move in! Who knew it would be so inviting to wildlife.
  Sorry no pictures of the family. All we know right now is that it’s a tiny little bird. Every so often we get buzzed by but that little momma is too quick and tiny to see more than just a soft tan color.
Apparently this house (in it’s temporary postion is the perfect safety zone from predators.
We hope to see the family someday. It sounds as if there are at least three hungry babies, they sure do make a racket when momma comes back.  It’s a pleasant racket and it’s much nicer than a scrub jays racket, very peaceful and sweet.  Just what every summer needs, the sweet sounds of babies. 
I’m hoping you find an hour to be creative!  That’s the fountain of youth, in my humble opinion. 

Take care my friends, Brandie


One thought on “Something New

  1. Your strawberries are very cute. Your mojo hasn’t deserted you while you’re waiting for your batting. I wish I could find a little of that to motivate me towards a finish!


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