It has been a busy weekend and I’m glad it’s over.  Even if Monday isn’t my favorite day (is it just me or do we all have computer problems on Mondays?) today should be more relaxed.

Luckily not too busy for a bit of sewing.  I can see from the picture that I still need to add buttons and buttonholes but I did finish this cute little dress.  Why did I make this little dress?  Because I thought this fabric was asking to be made into this cute little swing dress.  This fabric was leftover from our small group quilt. The idea was to make sweet baby items to go into our upcoming quilt show’s pick-a-prize baskets.
IMG_4595 The front side and the cute ruffled panties on the backside (haha, I’m feeling puny).
IMG_4596It’s not fair to just make cute girl clothes, I had to make a sweet boy outfit too.

Really, isn’t this fabric just asking to be made into baby things?!
IMG_4597 Did your eyes spy Elliott trying to get his picture taken?
IMG_4600While I was making the rainbow quilt, I found a house block among the scraps. I finished it up and took the other orphan block and turned them into a bag. Everyone can use a bag or two, right?
IMG_4601These were the start of an online sew along. Sorry I don’t remember who, what or where.  I knew at the time I shouldn’t get distracted with them but I did and these were the only two I made and the only two I will make. But I hate to see things go to waste, hence the bag.
IMG_4602Yes I have finished all the blocks to the rainbow quilt. But as luck (or not) would have it, I ran out of batting. So until my new bolt of batting arrives it will be put on the back burner.  Hopefully not to be there too long.  Fingers crossed!

But this is what has really taken up my time. Scrapping and painting.
IMG_4586This color must have been soooo popular in our Grandmother’s era. My Grandmother’s house was (and still is) and Hubby’s Grandmother’s house was, even my friend from church had this color in her home.
IMG_4593I did my best to get rid of it! Just a more modern version but I think it’s soooo much better. It even looks good with the ivy! But I’m hoping I wont have to do this again anytime soon!

That’s my weekend wrap up and now I need to find some more sewing time and give my legs a rest.  Ladder work is not fun!

Have a wonderful Monday!

Take care my friends, Brandie


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