The Plague

I’ve caught it and that’s my excuse for not having any posts last week.
I was so gung ho about my scrap project. Than BAM I caught the plague and was knocked out. I haven’t done ANYTHING in 5 days. That means no dishes, no laundry, no cooking, absolutely nothing. Unless it was a nap, it didn’t  happen.
BUT before I caught this nasty bug, last weekend I finished my dark blue section. I like it! So do the cats! They took over my sewing space and used all my fabrics as beds or tents. Everything needs a lint roller taken to it. Gotta love them!
  Not only did the dark blues get finished, the next color way was started, light blue and turquiose. Half of those units were finished but then I ran out of scraps in those colors. I’ll have to grab a few bigger pieces of fabric and make some strips.
 In a lucid moment I found two new patterns to help me wrangle in more scraps. Both should use up my reds nicely!
  But I know I need to focus and finish this scrap quilt before starting another one.
This quilt is already a distraction from the quilting I really should be doing. I just couldn’t handle those boxes over flowing with scraps (regardless to the fact they weren’t even seen, I knew they were there and they were distracting me).
 This morning at my Dr appiontment I actually used a needle and thread! Those fence posts may be wavy but my pus filled eyes couldn’t see that till now and I’m just going to ignore it and take a nap.
Till next time friends!
Take care, Brandie


One thought on “The Plague

  1. Oh no- Im sorry you’ve been sick , but it sounds like we were both laid low at the same time, which kinda makes me feel better – having a sick sister in spirit.

    That strawberry quilt is absolutely gorgeous ….do that one next!

    And randomly – your toenail polish is awesome…..


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