Am I the only one with over flowing scrap boxes? 

Something needs to be done and quick.  These scraps are out of control!   

The boxes seem to multiple.  Even the “just used, new scraps” are hard to contain.  The cats love it because they think it’s a bed.  Look, they even left me a hair ball. 
  After dinner last night I just knew I had to do something.  There are enough cat beds in this house and it was time to clean up those scraps, well as many as I can at a time. 
  A few simple strips sewn onto telephone pages (telephone books, so useful!  As a child my Grandma had strapped three big books together to make a booster chair for all us grand kids.  Multi useful!)
  Messy looking at first but after trimming them (and throwing away all that extra!) they look pretty good!
  And boy are the quick!  By bed time I had a small stack and today I’m going to start on another color. 

Unfortunately I didn’t totally deplete my pinks but I did make a huge difference in helping the box close.

I ordered a book that may take care of the rest of those scraps. At least I’m hoping so!
Take care my friends, Brandie


2 thoughts on “Scraps 

  1. It seems like the more I use my scraps, the quickly they multiply. What’s up with that? I hope that new book is helpful. Will look forward to your review!


  2. I love playing with scraps . There’s something so gratifying about making a quilt from “nothing”. You go girl – your blocks look fabulous.

    PS. Yes scraps do multiply when you aren’t looking!


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