Why Seems…

…Like a perfectly good question to ask myself.   

Why did I start something new?  There are several UFOs that need finishing. 

Why pick such a difficult pattern?

Why isn’t there an easier way to do “Y” seams?   
Because it’s pretty isn’t  an answer.

I needed  to use up stash fabric, may be a better answer but still not a good enough excuse. 

Being a scatter brain is the real answer.  I haven’t been able to stick to one project for several months. Then I just don’t do any sewing.  What a slacker I am.  
Pinterest needs to take some responsibility.  There are all these lovely things to be found and admired. Sometimes they lead to new projects or just more piles of junk lying around. 
I’m hoping this won’t be one of them.   
Seeing this through a cameras eye makes me rethink the darker pink.  Maybe I’ll swap the pinks around or maybe I need to keep looking for a better match. 

My first block looks more like a bowl.  It needs more fine tuning. 

The second block turned out much better!  This gives me confidence to keep going and not be deterred by those “Y” seams. 

I only have enough of the large brown print to make 18 centers.  I fussy cut all the centers and will build a quilt around them.  It will be a surprise as to how big it will be.


When I first saw this pattern on Pinterest there was no information about the quilt.  But I drew it out and found a 8 inch hexie pattern on Craftsy which also came with a coordinating triangle. 

After starting my first block, my friend Gail found an actual pattern. But the pattern uses a center hexie that is only 5 inches and I’ve already precut out all my centers at 8 inches.  Beyond that the pattern or construction shouldn’t be any different.  

Wish me luck.  What have I gotten myself into?  Darn Pinterest!

Take care my friends, Brandie


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