Little Things

Things have been a little slow but I’m doing just fine.  I Thank you all for the kind words, even if a few more tears were produced.  Thank you!

A few stitches have been made, just a few everyday.  I’m attending a baby shower tomorrow for a friends daughter.  Did you get that, my friend is having a grandchild!  I’m super jealous!
They are expecting a baby boy, who they will name Jacob.  So I whipped out a scrappy letter and did some simple straight line stitching.

I just copied the flannel backing for my quilting.  No over thinking going on here!
Than I saw a free Craftsy pattern for a fabric box.  It’s called “1 hour basket tutorial” by Hearts and Bees (sorry, I couldn’t get the link button to work the way I thought it should).
It didn’t take a hour but maybe for a beginner it would?  It was pretty quick and didn’t take too much fabric. 1/2 yard decorator fabric for the outside and a fat quarter for the lining.  It also used fusible batting for stability.
I will probably make a few more for myself, but bigger.

As you can see it’s not too big.  Big enough to hold diapers, 2 wipe packages  a large book on it’s side.

I think I need a few to hold my scraps.  On Craftsy they show the basket filled with fat quarters so it’s a nice size to give as gifts to quilter friends, maybe for Christmas?  Because we all know it’s just around the corner!
After all that I pulled out this lovely elephant tea towel that my daughter gave me for my birthday.  I loved it but I would never use it as a tea towel!  One swipe of one male hand and said towel would be blackened forever!

So I turned it into a pocket and made a super simple tote bag.  I know this will be more useful as a bag than it ever would as a towel.

I hope you find time this weekend to sew a wild thread!

Take care my Friends, Brandie


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