Older Than He Looks

P1400147Elliott had his first vet appointment today.

He did great!  He passed all his tests and they were able to give a more approximate age.  They put him at 6 – 7 weeks.  He’s under nourished but healthy. As soon as he reaches 2 pounds, he’ll be ready for his vaccinations.  Right now he is only a pound.  It’s time for him to do some serious eating to catch up!
Not only serious eating but real food too!  Which also means that he should be ready to use to potty on his own, hooray!
But the strangest part, another client of my vet, they found a very similar kitten on the same night on the same road.  Strange!  One of the employees is fostering that kitten and I’m hoping to learn more about it when we go back.  Maybe one of those cars that stopped picked up a kitten and drove off while Hubby was rescuing Elliott from behind the wheel?  The other kitten was also covered in oil and very dirty.  How weird is that?

Take care my friends, Brandie


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