A Blue Moon

Yesterday was a fabulous day!  I accomplished sew many small projects take have been taking up space on my sewing table.  I found the time and made good use of it.  Want to see what I was up to?

First up was a super simple pin cushion for my Feather Weight.  I take my FW with me to sewing classes and group meetings because it’s so much lighter than my Juki!  I would get to class and miss my pins but not any more.  The FW now has  it’s own pin cushion.
P1400065 P1400066
A simple cube made with wonderful fabric from American Jane.  Hubby thinks it looks like a French cube of butter.  I don’t care if it does!  It’s just a pin cushion, a pretty French pin cushion.
After that I cut into these gorgeous fabrics.
These fabrics are the beginning of a new project. Not a simple new project, oh no!  First I had to fussy cut out as many hexies as I could get out of the fabric. I now have something that resembles something that the cats have torn up.  I’m really not good with the idea of fussy cutting.  I can hear my Grandmothers voice saying “What a waste”.  But I tried to ignore it and keep going.
In the end I had 18 large hexies.  How this quilt will turn out will be a surprise to me as much too you!  I have no idea how big it will turn out, I have no idea if it will turn out!

This is what happens when you find a picture on Pinterest and there is no link or information.  I’m guessing all the way!

By the time I was done with all these little chores, the cats were all taking one of their naps.  I knew I had a short window of opportunity to bring out my black quilt show quilt and get it sandwiched.  The plan worked and I got it done before they knew what I was doing so it only has about a 1/2 ton of fur on it.

I’m beginning to think my Dyson is on the fritz. I had so much fur on the quilt that maybe I should consider hanging black quilts from the overhead lights to clean the floors.  Or maybe just drag some black fabric across the floor instead of vacuuming.  It’s an idea!  I’ll let you know if it’s a good one.
Apparently you don’t get to see the front.  But you get to see the backing, colorful, right?  Did you also happen to notice that these are mostly Kaffe Fasset fabrics?  Did you wonder who’s blog you were reading?  I’m just as surprised, but I think his colorful fabrics are growing on me.  Notice I used dots to separate the patterns from one another.  See I’m still me.  I will always use dots, always!

I’m crossing my fingers that this afternoon I will find a few hours to sew.  That black quilt is calling to me and I want to play with my machine and thread.

Maybe tomorrow the picture will post and I can remind you of the quilt I’m talking about.

I hope you all find time to sew. Have a Wonderful day!

Take care my friends, Brandie


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