Sweet Sophia

This weekend I had a request for a pink feminine baby quilt.  This is what I came up with.  Do you think it fits the bill?

It was suppose to be a quick quilt then I got this brilliant idea to quilt bubbles onto it.  Six bobbins later I wondered what I was thinking!

But it’s cute and I’m happy to be finished with it.

I had to change my needle during the quilting.  My top thread was shredding isn’t that the ruler?  I thought it was and after checking out the rest of the machine and the problem wasn’t solved I figured it was the needle.

So I finally put in one of these Superior titanium needles.  Have you converted yet?  I’m totally convinced!  It’s sew smooth but the best part…

I could thread it with my glasses on!  I’m at that age were my distance glasses aren’t working while hand sewing. Thread a needle with them on, Forget It!  My new practice is to take them off to applique or hand sew.  But this Superior needle had such a big eye that I had no problem threading it first try.  That’s huge selling point and I wanted to pass it on.  Check into Superior Titanium needles.

Still hand sewing the binding of my Secret Garden.  I’ve forgotten how long they can take.  Lately I’ve been sewing them by machine.  Every time I bring it out to do the binding I end up with a cat or dog under/on top of it.  See why it’s taking me so long?

Take care my friends, Brandie


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