Relaxing with a Straight Stitch

Everyday I try to find time to add a few more straight lines of quilting to my Secret Garden quilt. It’s such an endeavor of thought! Not!

If there is anything you can do while watching/listening to the TV, straight lines are it.

P1390991 P1390993 P1390987

Can you tell I was playing with the white balance on my camera? All these pictures were taking in the same room, from the same spot, yet they all have a different color. This last picture shows the colors as they really are. Soft feminine florals, awwww!

But as I was stitching away I thought, how boring! This quilt needed something to keep it from being blah, regardless of the beautiful floral fabrics. So I pulled out my scallop maker (actually re-read this twice to make sure I didn’t have sea scallops written. Than I woke up enough to realize that they are the same word). I think these scallops will give it some needed panache.

Thanks to all of you who have signed up as followers. I’ve added a follow button and a Bloglovin button to keep you in the loop. I even signed myself up in Bloglovin to watch my favorite blogs. Of course WordPress does a great job keeping me up to date with their “reader”. It shows all the new updates for all my blogs in my list. Love that! Everyday I’m finding something else that makes me like blogging better. I just needed time to reevaluate my blogging and why I did it. I do it for me, it’s my  person crafting journal. I love that you are all tagging along but this is really just for me. Gosh that sounds  so narcissistic! It’s thoughts like those that keep me from blogging. I’m so afraid of becoming one of “those” annoying people that we all know from Facebook. They make it all about themselves and give no thought to anybody else. Do we really need to read about their bathroom habits or how they fold their laundry?!  I personally don’t. Now if they were talking about their new craft project, lets talk! Time to get off my soap box and time to quilt!

Take care my friends!  Brandie


4 thoughts on “Relaxing with a Straight Stitch

  1. gosh, that block looks really familiar!! love your fabrics better – I also have a scallop maker still in the package!


    1. It does look familiar, doesn’t it!
      My scallop ruler is in the package still also, that’s how I store it. Plus the instructions are with it and I can’t loose those or I might not know how to use the ruler!


    1. Thtat’s MY kitty “Star”. She’s one of the feral kittens we tamed last summer and she choose me as her human. I love it! And her of course!


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